Teacher Saniata- Toddler Teacher

I have been given the great privilege to work with Toddlers through TK classroom through my 15 years of teaching. I have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and I have taken Child Development classes as my continuing education.

I am a single mother to a son and the youngest of 8 children. During my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my fiance, son, family and friends going out to dinner, enjoying some live music. I love to dance, sing, and from time to time play the piano. I have a great passion with children and I wouldn't trade my career for anything else. Children are so full of love, kindness and every second spent with them is a true blessing. Children allow us to be ourselves, they show empathy, compassion, and care that is priceless in my eyes. Like I always tell others, I teach children however I also learn from them as well. To see their growth of development every day is most special to me!

Teacher Shell- Director, Teacher & School Founder

Children are my passion. I have sought after my dream of opening my first pre-school for years now after obtaining my degree in Child Development. I was able to open Wund3RKID in Palo Alto (Indoor Playspace) with my husband. It has been a great journey and I am excited for Wund3rSCHOOL! I look forward to teaching your children through our program in Menlo Park. One of the most special parts of my life is the oppourtunity to provide care, love and education for young children.

Student and Teacher Bonds

Our teachers strive daily to build lasting bonds with their young students. Through consistent interactions and responsiveness to each student's needs, our students become well-attuned with their teachers. This strong attunement also allows students with the confidence to continue to create lasting relationships and bonds with other caregivers and peers in early childhood.