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ArtSmartKids Co. Enrichment Class


Let’s come together and get our ART on! with “Katy the Art Lady”...

Katy will bring out all the inner Picasso’s in your little one while  including lessons about the Elements of Art / LINE, COLOR, TEXTURE, SHAPE, VALUE, and SPACE. In addition, Katy will also introduce a famous artist per class too!


About Teacher “Katy, the Art Lady”


I have been interested in creative activities, and art making since the day I picked up a Crayola crayon, and decided to draw what was in my imagination.  I have found that the world around me never ceases to spark my creative predisposition, and I’m constantly challenging myself, and my own small children to creatively express what we observe on a daily basis. Whether it’s identifying the colors of a leafy tree or flower, or touchy the scruffy skin of a kiwi we are right there living through our senses! For me art has, and always will be a way of life and I practice doing something creative every day!

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