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Parent Testimonials

"We value parent involvement greatly in our school program. We work to keep parents updated on their child's development through daily updates."- Michelle, Director

"We learned about the Wund3School opening while attending the Wund3rKid Indoor Playspace music classes in Palo Alto. It was our first time enrolling our daughter in preschool and as first time parents moving from Europe we were truly nervous about the whole experience. Michelle Doan Marinov, the preschool Director, has been amazing from the very beginning in helping our little girl feel welcome and making us feel comfortable. Teacher Lek and Teacher Messie have been incredible in providing the best possible nurturing and advice, while at the same time encouraging growth. Our daughter is excited to go to preschool every morning and it took her only a few days to feel fully adjusted to her new routine and enjoy day to day activities with her new friends. The ongoing daily updates and communication from the preschool staff is truly helpful in staying connected while at work and knowing how my daughter's day turned out. We are grateful to have discovered Wund3School and highly recommend it. "- Tatiana and Eelco

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"We feel very fortunate to have found Wund3rSchool! This was the first time for our toddler in a full-time child care environment outside of our home, and we couldn't be happier. Our son started at 18 months and adapted to his new environment and routine in no time with the caring help from his teachers. Since the very first day, he simply got out there and started to explore and play. There was no anxiety or crying (except for when it was time to go home on the first day!), because the teachers were so welcoming and inclusive. Our son loves to go school and always gives a big smile when I mention the teachers names before we arrive each morning. I can see the lovely bond they’re forming. Both teacher Messie and teacher Lek are so very loving and nurturing with the kids. I'm very impressed with how dedicated they are to each child in their care. They enable the kids to develop important cognitive, emotional and social skills through fun activities and play. Our son loves his music class, outside play and sensory activities. The school also sends out updates throughout the day with pictures and the teachers often offer helpful advice and keep us informed about what went on each day. Michelle, the director, is an incredibly kind and thoughtful person with a genuine passion for early childhood development. We are very thankful for all their love and hard work and feel that our son is in excellent hands at Wund3rSchool. This little school is a special one and we highly recommend it." - Daniella & Steve

"Preschool years are the underpinnings of our daughter's educational journey, and my husband and I wanted to ensure our daughter's first experience was in a quality early education program since it's her first time away from home and our care. With Wund3rSchool, we couldn't be more pleased about our decision to have our daughter start her education journey here. We learned about Wund3rSchool through our time at Wund3rKid, and that's where we met with Michelle Doan Marinov, the preschool's director and her family. We saw her enthusiasm to build an excellent Wund3rSchool Preschool program that is rich in healthy learning experiences. 

Michelle and her team at Wund3rSchool - Teacher Messie and Teacher Lek - are loving and passionate about helping young minds like our daughter develop. They speak respectfully to the children, are energetic and through their ongoing, open communication and daily updates to parents, it is evident they want to help children like our daughter succeed. As our daughter transitions into preschool, they work together to do what they can to keep her happy and healthy, while partnering with my husband and I to help her continually grow and develop. The small class sizes and enrichment programs like STEAM with Teacher Chaia also sets this program apart from other preschools. Our daughter enjoys every class with Teacher Chaia; her creativity and original teaching style is great fit for our daughter as she encourages discovery during every lesson. Wund3rSchool is a high-quality program that is not a one-size-fits-all learning environment, and we are enthused to be part of this community of teachers and learners."- Celeste M.

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