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Goals, Philosophy & Purpose


The goals of our program at Wund3rSCHOOL are to allow each child to be comfortable in our environment and setting while learning through age-appropriate activities. Wund3rSCHOOL has an emphasis on cognitive, emotional, physical and social development through teacher facilitated and child directed activities, peer interactions and meaningful teacher-student dialogue. We will also strive for teachers and students to develop a bond with one another at Wund3rSCHOOL.


Our philosophy at Wund3rSCHOOL is to help your child attain the skills necessary for his or her whole development. This includes ample support in their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. We will supplement each child’s development through a teacher’s guidance and appropriate developmental activities. At Wund3rSCHOOL, we understand each child develops at their own unique pace so they will be properly supported in our environment based around their development. 


The purpose of our program is to support the whole development of each child through teacher facilitated and child directed activities. We believe this purpose will support our belief that each child is capable of developing the skills necessary to thrive, provided they have access to instructional scaffolding, materials and beyond. We will also serve a purpose to help your child attain the necessary skills to prepare for entrance into Kindergarten and grade school. 

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