Wund3rSCHOOL Daily Schedule

School Day- 8:45-4:45

8:00-8:45- Pre-Care: Arts/crafts/loose parts play and free choice

8:45-9:00- Whole group morning welcome- A time for greetings to share feelings

9:00-9:45- First morning activity for YT (Young Tots) and Pre-K (PK) - includes arts/crafts/loose parts play + free choice for each class

9:45- Wash hands for snack

10:00- Snack

10:15-11:45- Enrichment/ Circle Time + 2nd activity for YT & PK outdoors-

A time to participate in gross-motor activities 

11:45- Wash hands for lunch

12- Lunch 


Post-lunch: Storytime prior to nap/rest 


Nap/quiet time (12:30-2:30PM or longer if necessary)


2:45: Afternoon Snack/Storytime


3-4:30: Outdoor Play- ability to participate in gross-motor activities and socialize for YT & PK


4:30-4:45: Storytime and goodbyes- A time to share moments from our day

4:45-6: After-care- Arts/crafts/loose parts play and free choice

Additional enrichment activities: STEM, Yoga, Art Enrichment


1215 O'Brien Dr.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Hours: M-F 8-6pm

Email: info@wund3rschool.com

Phone: 650-382-9388

Licensed Facility #414004465

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