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Music: Teacher Kathy

“I've been teaching music in the Palo Alto schools as part of the Palo Alto Parent Education's Pre-School Family program, Young 5's and PAUSD's T-K and Springboard to Kindergarten programs. I'm also the music teacher at Parent's Nursery School Co-op. I'm a proud member of the Children's Music Network and I'm just astonished how much new research is being conducted regarding music and brain development and all the amazing and wonderful benefits music has in the lives of our communities.


My approach to teaching young children is through a multi-sensory approach, incorporating singing, movement, color, texture, as well as imagining flavors and smells (hopefully) all with a healthy sense of humor. With the older children I plan to introduce the physics of sound by teaching about how sound is made with different instruments, percussion, strings, metallophones, and hopefully I'll get a chance to bring in my Theremin and an oscilloscope so the children can see what sound waves look like and how they change with pitch -- plus they'll get a chance to make really silly sounds with the Theremin as well.


I've been a musician all my life. I have a degree in classical guitar performance from the SF Conservatory of Music. I started performing professionally as a "sideman" in Hollywood when I was just 15 years old as a guitarist and bouzouki player in Greek restaurants. I am an active performer of both children's music and Greek music and I have some CDs and song books available. My website is "

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