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Q: What's your ratio?

A: Our ratio is 1:4 for our young toddler program (18 mos. - 2 y/o) and 1:6 for ages 3 & up. We strongly value a teacher-student bond.


Q: Do you provide meals?

A: We ask parents to provide a daily lunch if their child is enrolled in the full-day program. We do happily provide organic snacks for each snack-time (2x per day).

Q: What's your philosophy?

A: We have a unique philosophy that is play & academic-based. We have an emphasis on social-emotional development and we also provide appropriate activities and ample support to help develop a child's cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.

Q: Do you require a child be potty-trained for enrollment?

A: Yes, we do require it for our Pre-K program (ages 3 & up).


Q: What areas of development do you focus on for each child?

A: We specialize in social, emotional, cognitive and physical domains of development while understanding each child's various interests and abilities.

Q: Is there an additional cost for the enrichment activities?

A: No, it is included in each child's tuition. In addition to our curriculum, we value extra-curricular & enrichment programs greatly.

Q: How can I view a sample curriculum for each age group?

A: Please contact us directly for a curriculum overview.

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