Pre-K (3-6 years-old)

Our Pre-K program is for young children aged 3 - Pre-Kindergarten. 

Through daily activities which strengthen, support and increase a child's cognitive skills and social-emotional awareness, each of our students is enabled for success in their early development. Daily socialization with peers and teachers also provides our Pre-K students with the abilities and qualities required to move onto Kindergarten and grade school. 

  • Developmentally-appropriate activities including loose-parts play, sensory play and building

  • 1-1 number correspondence

  • Letter recognition

  • Pre-writing skills

  • Early literacy skills such as recognition of sight words

  • Fine & gross motor development

  • Social-emotional support

  • 1:6 Teacher-Student Ratio


1215 O'Brien Dr.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Hours: M-F 8-6pm


Phone: 650-382-9388

Licensed Facility #414004465


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