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Distance Learning

Distance Learning at Wund3rSCHOOL (1.5 y/o - Pre.K): Our qualified teachers host a variety of daily activities from our unique weekly curriculum which also adhere to our monthly theme. Enrichment activities including music, movement and art are also offered in our virtual classes. Similar to the classroom environment, our teachers continue to engage with our students by keeping virtual activities developmentally - appropriate. The sessions are also  child-directed and teacher-facilitated to continue promote healthy and stable development for your growing child.

Daily Schedule:

❏Monday-Friday 9-12pm and 3-4:30pm

*Tuesday: Music from 9-9:45am

*Friday: Art from 10-10:45am

*1-1 sessions also offered for our students

Curriculum Material Packets:

Packets are created to adhere to our monthly theme and include daily activities from our unique weekly curriculum.

Distance Learning Tuition: $997.50/month

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