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Admission Process

Consultation and tour prior to registration: 

Consultation with both parents/guardians to learn about the development of the child, what the parent’s/legal representative’s needs are and if Wund3rSCHOOL is able to meet these needs. Following this initial meeting and once parents are made aware of the Wund3rSCHOOL’s policies, methods and philosophy, the director will arrange to meet the child to introduce them to the setting and ensure Wund3rSCHOOL is a comfortable and suitable environment for the child. 


Admission policy:

At Wund3rSCHOOL, we value individuality, spirit and the unique needs of each child. Therefore, once proper consultations are conducted to learn about a family’s needs for their child, the staff of Wund3rSCHOOL will then be able to determine if the program is a proper fit for the child. It is at our full discretion to admit a child to the program and we reserve all rights to suggest a different program for the child to better suit their needs.

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