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"Is my toddler ready for your two's program?"- Curious Parent

At Wund3rSchool, we are excited to offer an exclusive program for two year-olds!

Such a program is rare in our area, not to mention, wait-listed. We've had many applicants inquire if their child is ready for our program or for "school" in general. The answer is yes!

In my experience with young children, 2 is the new 5. Two year-olds are quickly reaching milestones that include increased verbal skills, advance physical activity and more. If you have a two year-old or have been around that age, then YOU know what I am talking about!

They love being active, chatty and social. It's an extraordinary age.

With all the goodness, also comes challenges known as "Terrible-Two's". I've had many parents ask me while at Wund3rKID and during Wund3rSCHOOL tours, "What can I anticipate at 2?", or "How am I supposed to calm them down during meltdowns?!" It's a tough question to answer because every two-year old child and children in general, are different! They respond uniquely to certain people (ahem, parents tend to get the brunt of it compared to teachers, sorry!) and they also will respond differently to particular environments.

The best environment for a two year-old is a familiar and comfortable environment. To this, children have been known to respond well and have less meltdowns. So if you'd like to know what to anticipate for this particular age, observe your child. If they have been on the wary and sensitive side from the beginning then it will likely carry through into their toddler years.

Factors that can help ease the transitions include a constant routine and a trusted environment.

At Wund3rSCHOOL, we believe in supporting the development of the whole child. For the two's-program, this includes developmentally appropriate activities to include social, emotional, physical and cognitive domains. In the two's area, you will see materials like geometric blocks that encourage building and also exposure to math and science skills.

There is dough for sensory play and finger-paint to encourage self-expression and creativity.

Children are encouraged to choose an activity to play on their own or along with peers.

They are also encouraged to clean-up after themselves. Teachers are present to ask open-ended questions to spark thought and support development. Through this type of learning environment, we believe your two-year old will soar in early learning for their stage.

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